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You, Bleeding Childhood

You, Bleeding Childhood

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Italy's great chronicler of the macabre and hilarious terrors of growing up geeky arrives in English at last. Long before the latest vogue for autofiction, Michele Mari, one of Italy's most beloved authors, cast his mind back to the days of his own childhood, and found it crawling with monsters. Raised on comic books and science fiction, the young Mari constructed an alternate universe for himself untouched by uncomprehending grownups or sadistic peers. Compared to the horrors of real life, Long John Silver and Cthulhu made forpositively cuddly company; but little boys raised by beasts may well grow up beastly-or never grow up at all. Waking or sleeping, the obsessions of Mari's youth seem to color his every adult thought. You, Bleeding Childhood stands as his first attempt to catalog this cabinet of wonders. Cult classics since their first publication, these loosely connected stories stand as the ideal introduction to an encyclopedic fantasist on a par with Kafka, Poe, and Borges.




Author/s: Mari, Michele

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