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World Piece, Vol. 3

World Piece, Vol. 3

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A dynamic manga-inspired, basketball-infused space opera...reminiscent of Digimon and Dragon Ball -Publishers Weekly Meet Lucas Densen, a 16-year-old high schooler who suddenly finds himself protecting Earth in a strange new realm-the world is literally in his hands! Lucas comes face-to-face with the Nurulans, the aliens responsible for creating the artefacts that are shrinking planets across the universe, and learns their purpose was for protection, not consumption. Their leader, Captain Divo, demands Earth be turned over to the Nurulans, leaving Lucas, Lully, and Mitton no choice but to accept an unlikely alliance with the Captain's rebellious daughter, Exxo. Not all is smooth sailing when the world thief Sylvian reappears and activates a Nurulan artifact, throwing them all into a familiar realm that started it all for Lucas, the Black Gateway! Can the new group trust each other enough to navigate out of the Gateway and get back on track to finding a way to restore Earth?




Author/s: Tierney, Josh

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