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Woodland Magic 4: Operation Owl

Woodland Magic 4: Operation Owl

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The fourth story in an illustrated magical adventure series from the bestselling author of the Unicorn Academy, brimming with drama and an environmental theme. The Keepers are a secretive tribe of little people who live in the middle of Whispering Woods, caring for the countryside and rewilding it when humans (or Ruffins, as they know them) are careless with it. On their very first venture into the Big Outside as fully trained Keepers, Cora and Jax come across a barn owl caught in a tree by a discarded fishing line. Determined to help free it, Jax climbs on to the owl's back to loosen the line but the owl takes to the air - with Jax on board. Will Cora ever see him again? This breathtakingly exciting story is a superb addition to this magical series, perfect for 6-8 year olds combining animal rescue, nature conservation and exciting adventure.




Author/s: Sykes, Julie

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