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What's New, Harper Drew?: Lights, Drama, Action! : Book 3

What's New, Harper Drew?: Lights, Drama, Action! : Book 3

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I'M HARPER DREW AND MY LIFE IS COMPLETELY BEYOND NORMAL! Sometimes it's hard to believe this is a regular week in my household, but I'll let you be the judge ... There is a nit infestation. My little brother is making them race across the kitchen counter. Gross!My friend Edward just had an important basketball match. Let's just say it was ELECTRIC (and not in the way you might think)!My grandparents are taking part in a TV house decorating show. My grandpa REALLY likes animal print ... OH... and my big brother has been signed to model for a hair brand. So right this second there's a camera crew spraying shampoo around my living room. They seem to think he's some kind of celebrity. What has happened to the world? Join Harper as she works out how to deal with daily CATASTROPHES one journal entry at a time ... A relatable illustrated series, all about embracing your family, and finding unique ways to deal with life's dramas.




Author/s: Weeks, Kathy

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