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What I Was Arrested For

What I Was Arrested For

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Cops on bikes, undercover security in the supermarket, TSA agents wondering why there appears to be a gun in his bag, Keith Lowell Jensen has a lot of run-ins with all manner of cops. Sometimes they arrest him. Sometimes they beat him up and arrest him. And sometimes he gets away scot free. In his second memoir collection Jensen tells the hilarious tales of his various arrests and other run-ins with the law. Getting his charges dropped after making the public defender and the judge laugh, performing an hour of jokes for his cell mates in the drunk tank, the comedian has used his sense of humor to get in and out of trouble, and that same sense of humor makes this a fun and engaging read. Storytelling comedian Keith Lowell Jensen has performed all over the world, including headlining the First International China Comedy Festival in Shanghai. He has recorded 8 comedy specials, including his latest Not For Rehire. This is his second memoir collection following 2018's Punching Nazis And Other Good Ideas.




Author/s: Jensen, Keith Lowell

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