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What Anna Did Next

What Anna Did Next

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What Anna Did Next' is a laugh-out-loud, life-loving, warm-hearted funny tale of one girl's quest to find her true self. What will come first for Anna Moran: the perfect job or the perfect orgasm? Anna's relationship status is permanently set to 'open to anything'. After a decade of debauchery, meaningless sex and enduring the constant hum of local whispers, Anna leaves her hometown of Dingle, in West Kerry, in search of love and much more. But how do you shake off a small town that never lets you forget? How do you change when temptation is always there? How do you become someone else when you are so relentlessly you?Anna is faced with some difficult decisions when tragedy strikes. Everything hinges on what Anna does next.




Author/s: Brassil, Denise

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