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Wanstead Bookshop book token

Wanstead Bookshop book token

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It's easier than ever to send a gift voucher for online orders from Wanstead Bookshop - either £10, £25, £50 or £100.

When you buy the voucher, you can either:
* Get the voucher emailed to your own inbox, for you to forward to your friend


* Choose "I want to send this as a gift", then enter your friend's name, add a message and say which day you want it to be sent to them. Our system takes care of the rest - you will get your receipt today, and your friend will receive the email and be told it's from  you, exactly when you want them to receive it.

Either way, your friend will be able to redeem the code at the checkout. 

They don't need to spend the voucher all in one go, and they can add extra if they need to. They won't be able to get change from a card, and they won't be able to exchange it for cash. They are valid for 12 months and are only redeemable on the online shop.

Questions about how this works? Ask us for help via our Live Chat button. 





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