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unOrdinary book 2

unOrdinary book 2

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From WEBTOON, the #1 digital comic platform, comes the 2nd book in the unOrdinary series - one of the site's biggest and most exciting comics, with an incredible 1.2 BILLION VIEWS and 5.8 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! The action-packed series from the #1 digital comic platform WEBTOON continues as high schooler John confronts his troubled past and lurking dangers from the outside world - both of which threaten to topple Wellston's strict power hierarchy. Ever since Wellston High's Ace, Seraphina, was suspended, the hierarchy of the school has been unstable. Not only are the high-tiers on edge, but the carefully crafted persona John has built to survive his bullying is crumbling, and Arlo is beginning to suspect that John may be a real threat to the social order. But when a new danger from the outside world hits too close to home, everyone has to put their differences aside to save one of their own and uncover a conspiracy that threatens them all.




Author/s: uru-chan

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