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Under the Influence of Love

Under the Influence of Love

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This series of essays or stories is a collection of autobiographical fragments of the peripatetic life of the author. Some of the narratives have a quirky, perhaps provocative, aspect-the thought process of an original thinker meant to make the reader question life. A common theme throughout the author's other writings is to question the fragility or precariousness of any individual's life and love or lack of-in other words-the whole damn mess and how life can apparently be running normally until suddenly, with no warning, it disappears, is lost or destroyed, and it becomes necessary to find ways to compensate spiritually and emotionally as well as keep one's head above water with the physical realities. Is upheaval a negative or a positive-have we gained a new insight from that emotional journey? Some of the pieces are based on authentic experiences and recollections of the author, gained over a lifetime, a composite condensing of time, people, and events. They are an honest, descriptive, and in-depth exploration of our most fundamental human emotions. The author is passionately positive about her particular journey, despite many losses or traumas but coupled abundantly with good friends and happenings. Above all, her zest for living it all and embracing change and challenge is the overriding message. The stories are passionate histories and, she hopes, sufficiently thought-provoking that you want more.




Author/s: Sarne, Victoria

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