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Troublemakers' Ball : Part One

Troublemakers' Ball : Part One

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Jake Dee is your average private detective. Finding lost items, doing background checks, not getting himself murdered, the usual. Except he's an independent wizard in a world of Covens that will not tolerate his existence if they ever find him out. One spring day at sunset, he sees an angel fall right in front of him. She's everything he ever wanted in a leading lady: beautiful, cold and probably dangerous. He immediately elects himself to protect her, whether from demons who want a fight or his best friend, Lucifer Morningstar, the First of the Fallen and a terrible flirt. Finding her shoeless and homeless, he takes her to his apartment. She's new to Earth and has a lot to learn, and Jake's the one who's more than willing to teach her. So what sparks will fly between a boy with a private license and a girl with black wings?




Author/s: Rebryna, Jill

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