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Total Suplex of the Heart

Total Suplex of the Heart

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Georgie, a somewhat naive high school grad, dives into the world of pro-wrestling. While she initially finds validation as a wrestling diva, she soon begins to experience the darker side of her favourite sport. When Georgie, freshly eighteen and riding high on the wave of a glow-up after a life as an ugly duckling, meets "Big D" Donnie G, a wrestling promoter, her life changes. She is pulled into the world of professional wrestling-first as little more than an accessory for other wrestlers, and then as a wrestler herself. Soon, she's all in. More shows. More revealing outfits. More focus on her body, her sexuality, the attention. After spending most of her life as an overlooked nerd, Georgie reacts to her newfound sex appeal as if she's developed a super she hasn't totally been able to master, leading to confusing relationships with the toxic male wrestlers on the scene. Before long, however, she meets Steve and realises "glowing up" is not the same as "growing up."




Author/s: Starer, Joanne

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