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The Weight of Loss

The Weight of Loss

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Daring, unsettling and original, The Weight of Loss is a debut to savour.' Victoria Gosling, author of Before the Ruins It starts with a single black hair, growing thick and immovable from her spine. Marianne is grieving. Desperately trying to hold down some semblance of a normal life, she forces herself to go through the motions: cooking dinner with her boyfriend, showing up to work, calling her parents when she feels able to handle their reminders of all she has lost. And then, her body begins to betray her. When no one can explain what is going on, Marianne's doctor directs her to Nede, an experimental health retreat deep in the Welsh countryside. By the time Marianne starts to suspect that all is not as it seems at Nede, it's already too late. Dark and incendiary, The Weight of Loss is a moving novel about grief and resilience, full of surprising twists.




Author/s: Oliver, Sally

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