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The Way Life Should Be : A Novel

The Way Life Should Be : A Novel

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Two fathers embarking on the second half of their lives together. Two families in the midst of transformation. A warm, funny, and unforgettable novel about the joys and fears of moving on. Husbands Thomas and Matt are enjoying a second-chance marriage after coming out, leaving their wives, and finding happiness in a summer cottage on the southern coast of Maine. They've kept a tenuous peace with their exes. Thomas toils in the garden. There is an ease to their love. This is the way life should be. But it's not long before their three children-each nearing adulthood and fleeing personal crises of their own-descend on their fathers' bliss. The two-bedroom getaway has just enough space for Thomas and Matt's future. Now they must make room for the past, and all its drama. During an unintentional family reunion, old lives, broken and in need of repair, converge with the new. Over the course of an unforgettable summer, two fathers and their children will come together. They'll understand what life still can be. Pain, anger, flaws and all, they're determined to forge a loving way forward.




Author/s: Dameron, William

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