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The Twilight Garden

The Twilight Garden

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The spellbinding new novel from the acclaimed author of The Reading List Welcome to The Twilight Garden - the neighbourhood's best-kept secret. `It was a complete joy' Sally Page, bestselling author of The Keeper of Stories __________________________________________________________ For too long, Winston has lived a quiet life. But when a mystery parcel drops on his doormat - a curious collection of photographs showing a community garden, his garden, bursting with life years ago - it sparks a bigger change than he could ever imagine. Who is the secret gardener? And what are they trying to tell him? All Winston knows is The Twilight Garden holds an extraordinary story; humming with memories just waiting to be unearthed. And the garden can work its magic on the community again - if only he finds the courage to invite people in. Readers love Sara Nisha Adams' storytelling: `I laughed, smiled, cried, and didn't want it to end' ????? `So beautifully written and I loved every single character! This is so much hope and love in every page' ????? `Thoroughly uplifting and at times poignant. Wonderful book!' ????? `One of the most heartwarming and inspiring books I've ever read' ????? `If you need a book that gives you hope, this is it' ?????




Author/s: Adams, Sara Nisha

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