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The Timekeepers: The Tesla Trap

The Timekeepers: The Tesla Trap

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Tag along with the Timekeepers in these history-themed adventure stories to discover amazing people and events that shaped our world. Meet the Timekeepers, a secret organisation of kids who keep the course of history on track - and history needs them! A villain called DeLay is set on causing chaos. When the hands on their special watches start to spin backwards, the Timekeepers know that DeLay has been up to no good, and it's up to them to put things right. The Timekeepers travel back to 1890s New York City and the laboratory of Nikola Tesla. On the eve before Tesla is set to reveal his latest invention, the X-Ray Machine, the time pirate DeLay, disguised as Tesla's rival Thomas Edison, steals the machine. The Timekeepers begin a pursuit around NYC in search of the machine to ensure history stays on track. This children's chapter book series offers:- An introduction to history in a way that blends a fun story with real facts, and also includes a non-fiction section with additional information such as, timelines, quizzes, and a glossary. - Beautifully illustrated art accompanied by expertly written text. - An insight into different historical time periods, carries the theme of persistence through adversity, and shows the connection between the past and the present. Tag along with the Timekeepers in these history-themed adventure stories for 7 to 9 years olds that will help readers discover the amazing people and events that shaped our world. With a range of adventures that span all of history, The Timekeepers series is perfect for any adventure lover. More in the seriesAt DK, we believe in the power of discovery. So why stop here? If you like The Timekeepers: Tesla Trap, then you'll love other titles in the series. Why not check out the second title in the series, The Timekeepers: Ancient Olympics to learn about the first ever Olympic Games, or First Flight and discover the events of the first ever successful aircraft flight?




Author/s: King, SJ

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