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The Sentencer's Court : A Graphic Novel

The Sentencer's Court : A Graphic Novel

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A boy wasn't able to finish the dense reading assignment for class, but that's the least of his troubles. Because he's drawn the attention of the wicked Sentencer and his goons! Now the villains are putting the student on trial for his reading crimes. Will the boy face a lifetime sentence of punishment, or can the mighty Librarian prove a slower learning pace is no crime? Experience dark tales from the Library of Doom like never before in this gripping, full-colour graphic novel. Featuring the mighty Librarian from the best-selling chapter book series, this original, stand-alone adventure pops off the page in striking, full-colour comic art. Readers of all abilities will eagerly follow their favourite hero as he battles wicked villains and monstrous books to keep the world safe from the forces of evil. Although Library of Doom books produce goosebumps, the adventures are still age appropriate. What is more, Library of Doom tales are often among the first books that reluctant readers enjoy, and time after time spur them on to additional reading!




Author/s: Brezenoff, Steve

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