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The Mystery of the Loch Kilgardie Monster

The Mystery of the Loch Kilgardie Monster

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Jay Jenks is back! And about to fall into yet another perilous adventure. Jay and his friends, Tim and Ella, are on holiday by the shores of a Scottish sea loch. What else is there to do but to set out to investigate reported sightings of a monster in the loch? They're not sure what they hope to find, but it sure is exciting to think of the possibilities. However, matters are complicated by the strange, scientific experiments being carried out by Professor Ricardo, the great uncle of Jay's friends. Their quest to find the monster and their curiosity leads them into new friendships but also into serious peril as they encounter sinister forces that ultimately threaten national security. Will Jay and his friends be able to help save the day?The Mystery of the Loch Kilgardie Monster is written in the engaging style and spirit of a classic children's adventure. Readers will soon meet memorable characters they would want as their own friends and become absorbed in an adventure set in the kind of intriguing location they might, one day even, visit themselves.




Author/s: Jones, Arkay

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