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The Muddlemoor Mysteries: The Chicken Farm Fiasco

The Muddlemoor Mysteries: The Chicken Farm Fiasco

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Joe, Tom and Pip are excited about spending the Easter holidays at Granny's in Muddlemoor village. They plan to climb trees, eat chocolate and loll around on Granny's sofa. But wait! They've forgotten that Muddlemoor is a HOTSPOT for CRIME... When a sign appears in Mr Draper's cow field, announcing plans for a horrible battery chicken farm, the children are FED UP. They join a protest group to try to stop the farm and save the chickens. But they soon notice that Mr Draper's enemies keep getting sick. Oh no! Is Mr Draper poisoning them? And, if so, is Granny in DANGER?




Author/s: Quayle, Ruth

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