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The Metabaron Book 4: The Bastard and the Proto-Guardianess

The Metabaron Book 4: The Bastard and the Proto-Guardianess

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Part of the universe of The Incal which is soon to be a major motion picture from Taika Waiti (Thor Ragnarok, JoJo Rabbit, Our Flag Means Death) , This long-awaited fourth installment of the acclaimed Metabarons spin-off, focusing on the greatest warrior the universe has ever known, the very last Metabaron No Name, and his fight against his own legacy. It is the destiny of every Metabaron to pass down their title through the honor of being bested by their son in mortal combat. But the Metabaron No Name has become overcome with fear, and his son Adal is far from honorable. As the son seeks to destroy the father who abandoned him, the universe�_Ts supply of the life giving substance epiphyte--and therefore all of existence itself--hangs in the balance! In this new and long-awaited installment of the classic INCAL spin-off series, writer Jerry Frissen and artist Pete Woods put the Metabaron through his greatest challenge yet. A�




Author/s: Frissen, Jerry

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