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The Little Clothes

The Little Clothes

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Thirty-eight-year-old lawyer Audrey is tired of not being seen. Not seen by her mother, who always preferred her golden brother. By her sleazy boss, who works her to the bone, without reward or recognition. By her self-obsessed colleagues, who want her to help them fix their lives without any acknowledgement of her own. Her social life consists of late nights in the office, visits to her ageing parents, trivia nights with a group of relative strangers, and evenings at home with her pet rabbit Joni. One night, unable to get the attention of the bartender in her local, she walks out without paying for her wine. This small rebellion leads to another, and more. Liberated by her invisibility, Audrey wreaks havoc in the lives of her friends and workmates. Until a painful reminder from the past pushes her into a reckoning, and things really start to spiral out of control.




Author/s: Callaghan, Deborah

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