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The Harp of Power : The Book of Secrets 2

The Harp of Power : The Book of Secrets 2

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Cat didn't notice a shadow slinking into the room and leaning in closer ... as if it were listening.'When Cat finds out that her cool new neighbour, Dr Becca Ryan, is a witch, she's fascinated. Cat already loves magic - she has The Sight - and she's sure she can learn loads from Becca. But Cat has other things on her mind - her mum has a boyfriend and Cat's not happy. When she turns to Becca for advice, she gets more than she bargained for. Cat and her friend Shane are sent off on a perilous quest for an ancient harp that, when played, can influence the thoughts of anyone who hears it - and it seems like Cat will go to any lengths to find it ... As they face shape-shifting wolves, demons and magic on the island of Hy-Brasil, Cat and Shane learn many things about themselves - and prepare to battle an ancient and terrifying power ...




Author/s: Dunne, Alex

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