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The Grave Singer

The Grave Singer

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From the bestselling author of A Killer's Wife comes an intense tale of revenge as Solomon Shepard falls prey to a vicious ex-con, who claims the prosecutor put him away for a crime he didn't commit. After a traumatic injury took him off the job, prosecutor Solomon Shepard is back to work, teaming up with Sheriff Billie Gray to hunt down Utah's most dangerous criminals. Shepard has spent years away from crime scenes and courtrooms, but one of those criminals still holds a grudge. Alonso Hafeez is out of prison after eleven years, and he's determined to prove that Shepard tried him for a crime he didn't commit. And he's got something special planned: kidnapping Shepard and forcing him to revisit Hafeez's case in an elaborately staged retrial. As Hafeez descends further into delusion, Shepard's only choice is to play along with the ex-con's rapidly deteriorating sense of reality. Meanwhile, Sheriff Gray is working herself to the breaking point as she races to find them before Hafeez's plans take a deadly turn. With Hafeez playing judge and jury, hell-bent on proving his innocence, Shepard will be the only guilty party left to execute.




Author/s: Methos, Victor

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