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The Further Adventures of Periwinkle Pig

The Further Adventures of Periwinkle Pig

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In his first book, after leaving school, Periwinkle set off from his home in England to become an explorer and to discover places that nobody had found before. He had set his heart on getting to Egypt which he thought sounded a fascinating place and must surely be close to undiscovered places. If you're joining us as old friends, you'll remember we last saw Periwinkle on a boat that was taking him to France and now we're in Europe with him where he is pleased to find that there are plenty more opportunities for an exploring piglet to have adventures!Periwinkle is a cheerful and friendly piglet and meets many interesting characters as he walks along. On his journey through Europe he climbs tall buildings and mountains, catches a thief and finds hidden treasure. He travels by bicycle (though not very far), train, more boats and a fast red sports car. He becomes a hero as well as an adventurer, but has some scary moments that threaten to bring his exploring to a premature end. Surely not!He finds good use for the things that he had packed in his duffel bag before leaving home, but will the sandwiches that his mother made for him run out before he reaches his goal?




Author/s: Cutler, Peter

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