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The Fellowship

The Fellowship

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A mysterious symmetry between a series of apparent murders and suicides committed simultaneously in different types of properties around Manchester presents a most perplexing puzzle for recently-promoted DI Shelly King. "The Fellowship" purports to be The New Testament Learning Fellowship, but we ultimately learn that NTLF actually stands for something completely different. Whilst the founder of NTLF aims for 'societal improvement', the solution is much more sinister. The author is a master of interweaving multiple plots and taunting the reader with snippets of clues which only become relevant much later in the book. In between fascinating descriptions of how the CID operate, we are treated to superbly written and graphic descriptions of such things as the agony of poisoning, lesbian lovemaking and bondage, the latter not all consensual. Although an overworked cliche, this book unquestionably is one which most readers will not be able to put down. The gripping and compulsive challenges the officers face never cease to surprise and excite. Most readers will probably develop at least some affection for the characters who toil under the relentless pressure faced by the police, and many may even shed a tear when one pays the ultimate price.




Author/s: Shaw, Stevie

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