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The Dream Team: Naomie Mensa vs. the Future

The Dream Team: Naomie Mensa vs. the Future

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The third story in the heart-warming, inclusive and funny Dream Team series about three big F's: friends, football and following your dreams!Hey! My name's Naomie Osei, but my friends call me Mensa, cos I'm supposed to be the clever one among my friends, the Fabulous Four. Normally I'm the one with all the answers, but right now I'm struggling to figure out our future. I mean, how do I break it to my friends that I might not be going to the same high school as them next term? Is my sax-playing good enough for the big solo at the Midsummer Concert? And can Bramrock's top girl's football team, the Dreamers, save our library from closing?Since I can't tell the future, I kind of want to press pause and stay in the present a bit longer. But as that's impossible, I suppose I'll have to do what I'm best at and work out the solution . . .




Author/s: Mante, Priscilla

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