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The Bird Coat

The Bird Coat

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This tale of passion, persistence, and hubris reminds us that what seems foolish in hindsight may have been born of boldness and bravery. A Bank Street College of Education Best Children's Book of 2023!The tailor Pierre has a big dream: He wants to fly. To make this outlandish vision a reality, he decides to sew a garment that is up to the task: his very own, resplendent bird coat. But can a human really become a bird with anything but disastrous results? This is a fantastical story of the imagined selves that we dream into being, and the hubris that can come hand-in-hand with these imaginings. Illustrated in the distinctive hand of award-winning Norwegian illustrator Oyvind Torseter, this tale was inspired by the true story of Franz Reichelt, dubbed "the flying tailor," who in 1912 jumped from the Eiffel Tower in an attempt at flight.




Author/s: Kjolstadmyr, Inger Marie

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