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The Adventures of Misty Raindrop - Book 2

The Adventures of Misty Raindrop - Book 2

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If there are raindrops in fog, how come you can't see them? If they are there, how come they don't fall? Fog is such a mystery and strange in many ways, but always involves droplets similar to Misty and her friends. Some fogs hang around cities, some form around beaches, but there's a familiar fog that stays between water and land. What keeps this fog around headlands? The Louisiana coast is one of those headlands where raindrops breeze in from the Gulf of Mexico. Misty heads toward an annual festival that began over 100 years ago in New Orleans called Mardi Gras. Paper-mache floats are made, and they ride in parades with costumed participants dancing. What fun! But wait! There's more happening than just the fun, food, and dance. Mystery surrounds and become a part of the adventure waiting for Misty and her friends. But remember, Misty can make a big difference in any form she finds herself because she never gives up, never runs away, and knows how to work with other weather friends to be a strong, challenging force for good against the clash of scariness in strange weather.




Author/s: Osborne, Melody

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