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The Adventures of Isaac and George : Lightning

The Adventures of Isaac and George : Lightning

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Isaac is a twelve-year-old human, George is a talking pig, and together they've been on many outlandish adventures, most of which have been given to them by the Queen. This time, she's sent them to kill the deity Thunder. Why? I don't know. They don't know either. They're just trying to have a fun day trip. On their quest they will encounter sentient biscuits, neglectful parents, corrupt government officials and multiple cease-and-desist letters. Straight out of training and the no-nonsense foil to the two buffoons, Allie, sent by the Queen herself, will join them on their journey, kicking up a fuss whenever she can. Sat in his castle, Thunder and his biscuit companion, Mallorie, remain vigilant of their many enemies. The adventure awaits. Will Isaac and George complete their mission and kill Thunder?




Author/s: Carter, Desmond

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