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The Adventures of Invisible Boy

The Adventures of Invisible Boy

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� Think your wildest wish can't come true? Just wait! It's his first day at a new school, and Stanley wishes he could disappear. He can hardly believe it when, after a big spill at the science fair, POOF! Stanley is invisible! It's awesome! He can do anything he wants, and no one will know! But Stanley isn't the only one who turned invisible. The inventor of the potion is not happy about the accident and takes his anger out on kids all over town. Stanley wants to use his power for good ... which means going up against the one person who can make him visible again. Get ready for a battle of the ages. Introducing a brand new graphic novel superhero star! Full colour illustrations throughout Feauturing themes of loneliness, struggling to make friends, starting school and science Packed full of humour, perfect for fans of My Brother Is a Superhero and Dexter's Laboratory




Author/s: Horner, Doogie

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