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The Abyss of Hatred

The Abyss of Hatred

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Ben has lived in Italy for a long time with his family and fights against the brutality of social racism every day. At forty-five he occupies a prestigious role in a hospital in Milan and is about to face the competition to fulfil his lifelong dream: to become head of the gynaecology department, the pinnacle of a career which he has dedicated so much of himself to. Everything collapses when he is drawn to the home of Barbara: a friend in love with him. The woman is killed by a stranger before his eyes. The police, without doing a thorough investigation, accuse Ben of the murder. Locked up in San Vittore prison awaiting trial, Ben feels the social system against him. In the face of the indifference of the authorities, he begins to look for answers on his own. Why was Barbara killed? Was he the real target? Is it a personal or racial issue, or maybe there is something bigger behind the murder? Sarah, the defence attorney, is ready to follow any lead to exonerate an innocent.




Author/s: Kamsu, Joseph

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