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Summer Dreams at the Lakeside Cottage : The new uplifting read of fresh starts and warm friendship!

Summer Dreams at the Lakeside Cottage : The new uplifting read of fresh starts and warm friendship!

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I loved joining Koo, Lulu and Beth on their hen adventures - this is an uplifting and wonderful story about the power of female friendships, love and self-discovery' DONNA ASHCROFT'Koo, Lulu and Beth, three very different women, wake up in a strange hotel room with no recollection of how they got there! . . . Warm, humorous and full of friendship; an ideal holiday read.' GEORGIA HILLIf you love Lucy Diamond, Phillipa Ashley, Sue Moorcroft and Holly Martin, you'll LOVE Erin Green's novels of love, life and laughter. 'Wow! Where to start? I loved this from start to finish' '[A] delightful, heartwarming story about friendship. It is funny, entertaining and is set in beautiful places I'd love to visit! It would make a great holiday read' '[W]ell thought out, well written, and very descriptive, and is full of humour, love, romance and heartache. A very enjoyable story, that once started, I couldn't put down!' 'This was a fabulous storyline. . . A story of love, friendships and support and how the little things can make a big difference' ...................................... Welcome to the Lakeside Cottage . . . a place to escape, where friendship awaits . . . When Beth, Koo and Lulu wake up in the same hotel room in Bath, wearing each other's hen night attire, they are extremely confused - especially as they have never met before. But what begins that night is just the start of a week of surprises . . . Beth has followed the traditional path in her relationship with Dale, and now their wedding is just days away - but is it really what she wants? Koo's relationship with Judd has been anything but expected - especially by her family. Is she right to trust her instincts and go through with this marriage? For Lulu, the big day approaching signifies nothing but heartache as the man she loves is marrying another. Should she fight for the happiness they both deserve? The three women make a snap decision to escape to a beautiful Lake District cottage for one week, hoping that the gift of their new-found friendships will help them make the biggest decision of their lives. ...................................... Don't miss any of Erin Green's gloriously uplifting reads set in Lerwick - look out for From Shetland, With Love; From Shetland, With Love at Christmas; Sunny Stays at the Shetland Hotel; A Shetland Christmas Carol - perfect for any season! 'A lovely, heart-warming story . . . I was hooked!' CHRISTINA COURTENAY'A delightful tale of friendship, family and love' JENNI KEER'Thoroughly entertaining. The characters are warm and well drawn' SUE ROBERTS'Wow! Reading this book was like comfrey tea. The more it fermented the better it got' 'What a lovely and uplifting read. I really really enjoyed it' 'A perfect heartwarming read which has provided a great escape' 'Loved this thoroughly feel good read & now I'm just off into my garden to plant some carrot seedlings!' You are invited to holiday at gorgeous Rose Cottage - where friendship, home comforts and romance are guaranteed . . . look for New Beginnings at Rose Cottage - out now! 'Utterly charming . . . an uplifting and optimistic story' Hot Brands Cool Places If you don't ask you'll never know . . . don't miss Taking a Chance on Love - out now! 'A perfect story full of hope, love and friendship' 'An uplifting, engaging and heart warming book. Loved it' 'An amazing book and makes you really think that your dreams of changing your life can really happen' 'The author has the knack of making her characters spring off the pages so real that you'll care about them' Peterborough Telegraph




Author/s: Green, Erin

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