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Stranger in My Own Skin

Stranger in My Own Skin

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After being medically retired out of the Marine Corps, Cody found himself separated from his wife and son, and struggling to deal with a brain injury that had fractured his personality and robbed him of all the things he thought he was. No longer able to stand the face in the mirror, he quickly fell down a rabbit hole of alcoholism, and self-loathing unable to forgive himself for the life he destroyed. Even though he moved to a new city and tried to start over by going to school and doing the 'right' things, he still felt like an empty shell, a ghost living in skin that didn't belong to him. It all came crashing down one summer afternoon when a still suffering from a massive hangover, he truly saw himself in the mirror for the first time, gaunt, broken, and pathetic. Staring at his reflection he knew something had to change. One way or another.




Author/s: Mower, Cody

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