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Space Station Academy: Destination Neptune

Space Station Academy: Destination Neptune

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A graphic novel, story-based approach to learning all about our solar system through the fun adventures of the Space Station Academy students and their teacher, Dr Bott. Join the Space Station Academy students on their expedition to Neptune where they'll find out what gives the ice giant its blue colour, learn about the sparkling ocean of diamonds that may exist at Neptune's rock core and use their jetpacks to navigate around some exploding geysers. The Space Station Academy series presents each planet and celestial object in our solar system through fun adventure stories. Gain key science learning about each planet and our solar system alongside bright illustrations, a humorous narrative and interactive activities at the back of the book. This is guaranteed to keep young minds entertained and engaged while they explore outer space. Aimed at readers aged 7+ and book banded for children reading at level 10: White band. Collect the full set of hardbacks to reveal an image of the solar system across the book spines.




Author/s: Spray, Sally

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