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Soul of a Raven : The Fate of London Stone

Soul of a Raven : The Fate of London Stone

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I knew one day I would find you. The hare is yours, my dear...'When Serin discovers a hidden family manuscript, she has no idea what she has set in motion. The old pages reveal the bewildering tale of an ordinary Victorian girl, Wren, who is given an enchanting pendant that changes her life. Serin reads all night, compelled to discover the fate of her ancestor. Will Wren fulfil her destiny to protect the cursed London Stone, like the witches before her? Or will the relentless raven man be her downfall? Will she lose everyone she ever loved? Will she lose herself?As Serin reads Wren's tale, strange things start to happen, and she begins to believe she may have unleashed dormant dark magic upon herself. This is a gothic tale of magic and myth, family secrets, love and revenge. It is a tale of the extraordinary, hidden beneath ordinary Victorian lives.




Author/s: Bloor, Catherine

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