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Son of Man : Retelling the Stories of Jesus

Son of Man : Retelling the Stories of Jesus

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Experience the Bible come to life before your eyes as New York Times bestselling author Charles Martin uses his storyteller's imagination to present the life of Jesus in a way that will engage your faith in new ways. This collection of more than twenty short stories, compiled from Martin's books What If It's True? and They Turned the World Upside Down, draws you into a deeper understanding and love for the Savior. Son of Man presents key moments from the life and ministry of Jesus Christ and explores the lives of His followers in descriptive, novelistic words. This unique collection:Fosters a stronger appreciation, love, and respect for JesusCovers themes including rejection, service, unconditional love, and forgivenessUses the lives of the disciples as inspiration to be the light in a dark worldShows how the disciples' same world-changing faith is still around todaySon of Man is perfect for someone who loves Christian fiction. Known for his beloved lyrical style, in this paperback edition Martin illuminates key moments from Scripture with stories such as "Where the Father's Love Found Him," "Betrayed," and "The Borrowed Tomb." Martin's writing offers a way to see how Jesus' life and the lives of His disciples revealed an unwavering confidence in the power and presence of God.




Author/s: Martin, Charles

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