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Sanctuary : A Home for Rescued Farm Animals

Sanctuary : A Home for Rescued Farm Animals

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"A look at the incredible healing power of compassion." -KirkusJulia Denos lovingly illustrates a thoughtful, poetic text about protecting farm animals instead of exploiting them. Accessible to the youngest readers, this picture book gently celebrates compassion for all creatures. Perfect for fans of Becoming a Good Creature and Tiny, Perfect Things. Where do you feel safe and seen? When can you be yourself? What about the animals who share our planet? These questions are explored in this gentle celebration of what it means to care for and respect creatures of all kinds. Poetic text and gorgeous, joyful art show us how we can protect animals by honoring and advocating for their lives. Accessible to the youngest readers, Sanctuary invites us to open our hearts wide to create a more loving and more compassionate world-for all. A great conversation starter about how to move to a plant-based diet. Perfect for animal lovers. Joyful, gorgeous artwork of beloved farmyard animals. Includes thoughtful note from the author. Don't miss other titles by Julia Denos such as Here and Now and Starcrossed.




Author/s: Denos, Julia

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