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Sadiq and Hooyo's Drum

Sadiq and Hooyo's Drum

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Sadiq is looking forward to being a drummer in the school band when he's old enough. When Hooyo shows Sadiq a family heirloom - a drum called a durbaan - Sadiq can't wait to show it to his friends at school. His new friend Gabi, who's deaf, shares his love of drums. But then a mishap occurs with Hooyo's durbaan. How will Sadiq explain it to Hooyo, and can he make things right?Sadiq and Hooyo's Drum is part of the Sadiq seres from author Siman Nuurali, featuring fun-loving eight-year-old Sadiq and his lively Somali-origin family. Sadiq has many interests, from football to video games to cooking (and eating!) samosas. But he's always ready to try something new! In each book, Sadiq shares a hobby with friends and neighbours. A natural connector and friend to all, Sadiq invites readers in on the fun of starting clubs and making friends!




Author/s: Nuurali, Siman

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