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Republic of Dreams

Republic of Dreams

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In the kingdom of Balthasar some children have the power to use dreams to change reality- an activity fraught with danger. Changing the world can have lethal consequences. Meddling with nature can lead to ecological disasters spinning irrevocably out of control. Crown Princess Tamurlaine, about to be crowned queen of Balthasar wants to control dreams and dreamers, but a conspiracy led by power hungry Malladain, a family foe aims to kill her on the day of her coronation. Can her trusted friend Toby from our world save her? Toby, Tamurlaine and their staunchest allies, Anon a half-angel, Burston a school friend and Jinky, an orphan and refugee, must battle against the superior forces of those utterly corrupted by power in a land where no one can be trusted ...




Author/s: Lambert, Richard

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