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Quinnelope: The Mystery of the Missing Moon

Quinnelope: The Mystery of the Missing Moon

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Perilous planets, glittery gossip aliens, a snack-obsessed black hole, and more await Quinnelope and friends in the second laugh-out-loud book from comic duo Kayla Coombs and HF Brownfield. As Quinnelope is getting ready for bed one night, she discovers that the moon is mysteriously missing from the sky. Weird . . . BUT it's the perfect opportunity to pull an all-nighter. (Err, an "all-dayer" actually, since the sun is still up!) Except hours later, there's still no moon . . . this is a DISASTERRrrRrRrrRrrRrRRR!!!! There's only one thing to do: launch a space mission to solve the mystery of the missing moon! Along with her dutiful butler, Bub, and loyal companion, Star, the trio blast off on a cosmic adventure to find the missing moon once and for all. Solving this mystery won't be as easy as they thought, especially when they learn it's not just their moon that's missing, but moons all over the galaxy! Wait, WHAT?!?!?!? Will they be able to find the moons and restore night time once again, or will they be doomed to endure sunny days forever? Join comic duo Kayla Coombs and HF Brownfield as they take you on a hilarious planet-hopping road trip of a lifetime. Don't forget to pack the snacks! Don't miss the first book in this series, Quinnelope and the Cookie King Catastrophe-available now! Perfect for fans of Dog Man and Investigators!




Author/s: Brownfield, HF

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