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Puppy Pals : The Story Puppy, The Seaside Puppy, Monty the Sad Puppy

Puppy Pals : The Story Puppy, The Seaside Puppy, Monty the Sad Puppy

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A collection of three adorable puppy stories to treasure, from best-selling author Holly Webb. The collection includes The Story Puppy, The Seaside Puppy and Monty the Sad Puppy. The Story Puppy: Jack forms a bond with a puppy at the local animal shelter by reading to her. But when another family want to adopt Daisy, Jack worries he's going to lose his friend forever... The Seaside Puppy: Laura's mum works as a caretaker for some holiday apartments. One family are always leaving their puppy behind when they go to the beach and Laura offers to take it for walks. But how will she say goodbye when it's time for the puppy to go home?Monty the Sad Puppy: Amelie has always loved dogs, but she never dreamed that her family would end up with two! Their puppy, Monty, has only been with them for a few months when her family offer to take in her ill grandad's beloved dog, Daisy. Amelie promises Grandad they will look after the old dachshund brilliantly. But when Daisy arrives, she is obviously unhappy and scared. Meanwhile, Monty doesn't understand why Amelie is making such a fuss over the new arrival...




Author/s: Webb, Holly

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