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Porcine Pranks at St. Anne's

Porcine Pranks at St. Anne's

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Autumn, 1928. Welcome to St. Anne's! A progressive boarding school for girls, this is where trainloads of girls attend every term and get into all sorts of adventures. Nan Miller is one of them. She isn't sure what to expect from her first term, but when she immediately makes fast friends with Poppy Pearson and her infectious enthusiasm, she knows it's all going to be okay. In fact, it's a lot better than okay, because they're about to get into all sorts of trouble together...Well, the two girls and Poppy's pet pig, Bobby!From convincing the hapless French mistress Mamzelle Meuhourat that she suffers from 'halloocinasions' to an important Lacrosse match for Nan, to a demonstration of Wang Li's kung fu skills against some nasty girls from another school, the term promises much to learn and much to be learnt from as both girls and Bobby navigate the new school and enjoy everything it has to offer!




Author/s: Gulley, Emily

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