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One Journey, Many Lives

One Journey, Many Lives

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I spent six decades learning how never to reveal my weakness to anyone - now it's time for change.When he was just two and a half, Barrington Sowden's mother left him and his older sister in the care of his grandparents in Jamaica, joining the Windrush exodus from the island to seek work in the UK. With his father having departed years earlier, Barrington was left with no memory of his parents, and his childhood was marked by a series of unusual events, including the unexpected death of his beloved grandfather in circumstances which to this day appear suspicious. At the tender age of ten years old, Barrington joined his parents in Manchester, and was rapidly plunged into a life surrounded by violence, drugs and racism, forcing Barrington to constantly fight to forge his own path. Chronicling his life from his early years to the present day, One Journey, Many Lives tells the story of an ordinary man trying to build resilience amidst extraordinary circumstances.




Author/s: Barrington Augustus Sowden

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