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On Yellow Evenings

On Yellow Evenings

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This collection features one hundred poems selected by award-winning poet Jordi Larios. Keenly aware that we measure the world through words, he also knows that words become worn with use, and that poetry recalibrates their instrumentation, injecting them with fresh focus for graphing elusive terrains of inner and outer experience, prodding us to encounter and engage the world in a way that sustains and renews the self. Each Larios poem is a magnet, impacting us with the infixed force that its reading unleashes, subtle yet powerful in its imagery. A seagull, unfazed by the 'crisis of the sunset,' declares life on a greying backdrop ('Rough Weather'), and desolate landscapes can set the scene for unexpected solace ('Cold,' 'Historical Present'): pulling sunken memories to the surface and bringing poetic imagery into alignment with points of inwardness in search of outward counterparts. Along with the subtle power of imagery, Larios blends into his poems an uncanny marshalling of words, reassigning them to posts of optimal meaning and musicality. Technique underlies the poems, but the resulting art is greater than the sum of words, lifting language above 'the clattering of / too many words,' which, bereft of poetry, only render us alone ('Man Alone').




Author/s: Larios, Jordi

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