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Olly Brown, God of Hamsters

Olly Brown, God of Hamsters

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For any kid who ever wanted a hamster: careful what you wish for! Olly Brown is hamster obsessed, but he never gets to take home the Year 6 class hamster. His dad won't allow any pets. But then the most amazing thing happens: a hamster shows up in Olly's house anyway! And it seems smart. Like, really smart. This new hamster, Tibbles, is in awe of Olly, and it turns out Tibbles is one of many: there's a whole civilization of super-advanced, intelligent hamsters who seem to be worshipping Olly ... as a god? THIS IS SO AWESOME! But how is this possible??? A laugh-out-loud story that will also melt readers' hearts Perfect for fans of Charlie Changes Into a Chicken and Pamela Butchart's books! Hilarious illustrations throughout by illustrator Jack Noel




Author/s: Walker, Bethany

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