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Moriarty's Trap : An Escape Room Adventure Book

Moriarty's Trap : An Escape Room Adventure Book

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An escape room adventure book based on one of the greatest detectives of all time-Sherlock Holmes! Sherlock Holmes, the great detective, has entrusted you with an important mission: to save his friend Watson! Locked in Moriarty's house, you will have to solve the puzzles invented by this diabolical criminal to hope to get out alive. Card games, an 1890 planisphere, mathematical puzzles . . . to be successful, you are going to have to be the best detective Scotland Yard has ever known. Waste no time, because in this macabre game Moriarty always seems to have several moves ahead. Inspired by real-life escape rooms that are all the rage, this is an escape room-themed story book. The reader is stranded in a place and must escape in order to survive. To escape, you must explore the different rooms, look for clues, solve puzzles to unlock certain situations, and hope to get out alive! Use the notebook to collect your clues. Take care, because there is only one way out, so you'll have to be smarter than the one who locked you here. Good luck!




Author/s: Anquetil, Stephane

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