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Monkey Prince Vol. 2: The Monkey King and I

Monkey Prince Vol. 2: The Monkey King and I

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Gene Luen Yang and Bernard Chang continue the adventures of your new favorite DC character Monkey Prince! After Monkey Prince finds the jingu bang staff, he realizes controlling it is a whole different problem! It has now stretched so large and long that it has become a nuisance to Atlantis, and so Aquaman goes to find who is responsible for this ginormous golden staff that destroyed so much of his city. The good news is, the Jingu bang can shrink back to normal size, but only the Monkey King is worthy enough to wield its magical properties-will the staff recognize Monkey Prince as good enough to do the same? Sea dragons, the trench, Atlanteans, and Blank Manta's army all clash with Monkey Prince and Shifu Pigsy at the center of it all! Tchk tchk thck, pesky jingu bang staff! Collects Monkey Prince #7-12, Lazarus Planet: Alpha #1, and Lazarus Planet: Omega #1!




Author/s: Yang, Gene Luen

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