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Mighty Morphin Vol. 6

Mighty Morphin Vol. 6

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Tragedy and Future Possibilities Loom for the Mighty Morphin Team! As the Rangers deal with the emotional aftermath of a recent tragedy, they face an identity crisis, realising there are some challenges they simply can't overcome. With the help of a returning Ranger, can the team finally turn the tide of their current battle and discover their true role in the universe? In the Power Rangers Unlimited: Countdown to Ruin #1 special, discover the origins of fan-favourites Andros and Zhane, the present danger they find themselves in, as well as what the future holds for the entire Power Rangers saga! Superstar Power Rangers writer Mat Groom and GLAAD-nominated writer Marguerite Bennett join artists Moises Hidalgo, Anna Kekovsky Chandra, and Giuseppe Cafaro to bring the future of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers! Collects Mighty Morphin #21-22 and Power Rangers Unlimited: Countdown to Ruin #1.




Author/s: Groom, Mat

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