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Meet Me at the Mirror : Coping with reality

Meet Me at the Mirror : Coping with reality

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In May 2001, ten strangers entered the Big Brother house where their every move would be watched by millions of people. In the days before social media, reality TV was still in its infancy and the nation was gripped. Penny Ellis, a 33-year-old English teacher from London, had been chosen from over 250,000 applications to be one of the contestants on Big Brother 2. Little did she know that when she exited the Big Brother house, her life would never be the same again. Meet Me at the Mirror is a remarkable insight into the life of a reality TV star, taking you on Penny's journey from her accidental audition for Big Brother, through her days in the house, to the unprecedented fallout from her infamous towel-dropping incident which ultimately cost Penny her job. From obscurity to infamy, via the tabloid press, Penny candidly describes her battles to find another teaching job, her struggles with mental health, and how her strong Christian faith finally enabled her to rebuild her life.




Author/s: Ellis, Penny

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