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Mason Mooney: Supernatural Sleuth

Mason Mooney: Supernatural Sleuth

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Your favourite paranormal investigator is back, with yet another adventure that is sure to have you glued to your seat. No, it's not dreamboat Trent Reilly and his Paranormal Society, it's Mason Mooney! What do you mean you've never heard of him? He's the world's greatest paranormal investigator. Mason and his best friend Iris are on a mission to recover his missing heart and stop Talitha from causing even more mayhem in Grimbrook. But when Iris is welcomed into the mysterious Order of the Emerald Palm, Mason starts to get just a little jealous. And when the two get separated and wind up in different dimensions, Mason will have to get past his jealousy, find Iris and save the town?




Author/s: Miller, Seaerra

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