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Marvel Incredible Records : Amazing Powers and Astonishing Stats

Marvel Incredible Records : Amazing Powers and Astonishing Stats

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Did you know Quicksilver once sprinted halfway across the world in 92 seconds? Or that Titania can withstand temperatures hotter than lava? Discover the most mind-boggling records and stats about the heroes and villains of Marvel Comics!With stunning illustrations and fun facts, Marvel Incredible Records is an updated edition of Marvel Absolutely Everything You Need to Know (published 2016) for young Marvel fans. How many suits does Iron Man have? Who's the smartest Super Hero in the universe? And just how old was Squirrel Girl when she discovered she could talk to squirrels? Find out all about Shuri's amazing inventions, Spider-Man's incredible spider-sense, and much more! Packed with astonishing feats and records from heroes, villains, and super-teams, this book will wow young readers. c 2024 MARVEL




Author/s: Scott, Melanie

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